Monday, May 18, 2015

My Ted talk Reflection

Hello Its Musa,  Recently I had my Ted Talk, I thought It went pretty well over all. I got my point across and at the same time was able to explain what my 20% time project was about. This project has really changed they way I think about how school should be done in general. This project was fun and a great experience.   It was a project that I got to choose. The best part about my project is its something that has to do with something that I love doing.  It was great to learn about pond ecosystems and what hurts aquatic life. It was great testing the quality of the water in the pond, It was great putting habitat in the pond, And its great blogging. This whole project was a blast! My project is not quite yet done. I still have to collect the data from the data sheets I left at the pond and also call the stalking company once I have the data. I will blog during the summer months to update whats going on with the project.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The 20% time project TED talk presentation.

Hi its Musa,  Recently my teachers Mr. Eckert and Mrs. Hellwig informed us that we should be getting started on our 20% time TED talk power point presentations. This power point should basically show:  How I came up with my idea? What is the part of the story? What were some considerations I had to make about the project during the planning stages? Whose involvement did I have to elicit in order for my project to be a success? What surprises happened along the way? What discoveries did I make? How has my 20% Time project learning impacted My life? How motivated am I to continue my project even after the school year is over? And what did I learn about myself during this project? Now our teachers said the questions on our power point should look similar to these questions or these questions should be some what woven into our own questions. This is also due by next week and I've made a promise to myself to work on one slide a night every night until the presentations are due. I am honestly very stressed about this project but I know If I fallow through with my plan then ill get it done in time. Honestly This school year has burned me out and i'm ready for this project and school year to be OVER! So the sooner I get done with this work the better.

Water testing finally complete!

Hello it's Musa again, Finally, I completed the water testing. I went up last weekend with my grandmother. It was a long day of working on the project but it was all worth it.  All the testing I did on the pond water came back negative for everything bad and came back positive for everything good. I tested for pH, turbidity,dissolved oxygen, nitrate and phosphate. The level for dissolved oxygen was 8 ppm (parts per million) which is a great dissolved oxygen level for a pond. The level of nitrate was 5 ppm, this is also a great level of nitrate in a pond. The phosphate level of the pond was 2 ppm. This level was decent and not dangerous for aquatic life. From what I learned about pH is that the neutral level should be between 6.5 and 7.5. The level I got from the test was between 5.5 and 6.5. This is the recommended level of pH in a pond.  And finally the turbidity test, the level that came back was 0 Jtu's. This was of course a great and healthy level for the pond also. The test kit I got came with test tubes and test tube caps, dissolved oxygen tablets, nitrate tablets, phosphate tablets, pH tablets,a turbidity sticker and a color card for the test results. To test for the dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphate, and pH, is first you would fill the test tube up with a certain amount of pond water for each different test. Then you would take one or two tablets ( the amount of tablet's you use depends on what test your doing.) for the test and put the tablets into the test tube. You would then invert the test tube until the tables dissolved. After the tablets dissolve, you would let the test tube sit for five minutes. After that, you should compare the color of water in the test tube to your test color chart to get your results. For the turbidity test you take the turbidity sticker and stick it to the bottom of the cup that all the supplies came in for your testing. Then you would fill the water up to the recommended line on the cup and compare the color of your sticker to your color chart. If its black then the turbidity would be 0 Jtu's which is a amazing level for turbidity, for a grey color it would be 40 Jtu's which is a good level for turbidity, and for a white color it would be 100 Jtu's which is dangerous level for turbidity.

This is the water kit itself and the test tubes I used for testing that day.
. I compared the color of water in the test tubes to the water color card to determine what were the levels of the dissolved oxygen, pH, Phosphate and nitrate in the pond.       

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Finally, A water oxygen test.

Hello its Musa again, So finally I have a water oxygen test. I'm planning on testing it out this weekend to check the oxygen in the pond to make sure everything is normal. Hopefully, the test results will show that the water is well oxygenated water to sustain more fish such as catfish and more large mouth bass. If the test results show that the water does not have enough oxygen in the lake then I would probably have to put aquatic plant seeds in the water so over time the aquatic plants can grow re-oxygenate the water. It would save me a lot of time if the water is well oxygenated. Then I can then get the measurements of the pond and call the stocking company so I can figure out what fish I can and cannot sock. If all goes well ill be able to stock the pond and have a better verity of fish to catch instead of just bass and bluegill.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Missouri conservation obstical

Hi! Its Musa again. So not much has been happening recently, Besides researching what fish would be good to stock into the pond that's about it. I've been trying to convince my grandma to let me call down to Missouri of conservation Because they can send down people to your pond, lake, or spring  to test the water for traces of pollution. The problem is that my grandma is worried that if we call down the Missouri of conservation that they try to buy our land.  She's worried that when we say no to them about buying our land that they will try to take it with force since they are a government association. She does have a point. I was thinking that maybe instead of call down to the Missouri of conservation I could by a water pollution kit and learn how to test the water myself. Or maybe we don't have to tell the conservation how much land we have and just be at the pond when they do the testing. I don't know for sure what my plan of attack is yet. Ill run my ideas by my grandma and see what she says. But i'm probably going to play it safe and do the water testing my self.

Slide show

 Hello! Its Musa again, Recently our teachers Mrs. Hellwig and Mr Eckert have come to us with a new project for our 20 % time project. We have to complete a slide show that shows four Major things that we have completed for our 20 % time project. One of the four major things on our slide show could be our blogging. So i'm probably going to talk about Blogging, Sinking the Christmas trees, researching, and calling down to the Missouri of conversation to see if the can send some one down to the pond  to do water testing. This is a huge part of our grade and to be honest i'm kinda stressing out the slide show. Not only that, My teacher Mrs. Hellwig is a tough grader when it comes to our 20% time project's so it has to be good. Next week i'm gonna start working on the project and try my hardest so I can get a good grade on this slide show. When I finish my slide show I will definitely update my blog and tell you guys how it turned out.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Go fund me account

Hey guys its Musa, I've  been starting to research where I can get fish stalked into my pond. There are several places where I can call that will come and stalk your farm pond for you. I'm thinking about adding  a new species into the pond. Such as thorn head minnows and channel catfish. The channel catfish will even out the  echo system In the pond and the thorn head minnows should provide a extra food source for the channel catfish and bass instead of just bluegill and bugs during winter. The only problem is finding money to pay for the stalking trucks to come. I might set up a "Go fund me account" and see if people will donate. If I do end up setting up a "go fund me account" I will post the link to my next blog if people wound like to donate. It would help me out a lot. Other than that, i'm going to end up giving the Missouri conversation department a call this week to see if it would be possible if I can get someone to help me with water testing to see if there is any water pollution.